works to promote and harness traditional knowledge and ancient wisdom
Yimiri's Mission
is to nurture hope and facilitate rejuvenation through connecting the self with nature
Yimiri's Products
are organic natural remedies that help rejuvenate and enhance your life.

What We Do

Yimiri (meaning dreamtime serpent in the indigenous Pilbara WA language) is a Bennelong based non-profit set up to 'Harness ancient wisdom for a better today!'

Yimi Yoga

Yoga in school programs help promote the benefits of Yoga and traditional techniques in boosting cognitive skills as well as mental health.

Regenerative Living

Regeneration is when we the people are adapting together with nature, rejuvenating the health of Earth and of us

Regenerative Agriculture

By caring for the whole ecosystem when planting, not only is the planet becoming healthier, but you are as well.

Traditional Remedies

Nature is full of plants that are highly beneficial. We focus on combining these benefits in a healthy and organic manner.

Arts and Crafts

Redecorate your living space using designs and colours which are proven to boost your energy and spirit.

Organic Farming

By using organic produce cultivated using traditional techniques, the holistic health is improved.

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Our Activities

Yimiri aims to conduct reasearch to identify and adopt best practices gleaned from traditional and ancient wisdom, such as those from India, Australia and the Americas, and promote them in modern society.